This page lists my published content. So far this consists primarily of rooms on TryHackMe, but it will also contain links to access any other content that I develop and make publicly available.


Tutorial Rooms

Sudo Vulnerability Series:
Security Bypass [Easy]
Buffer Overflow [Easy]

Introductory Series:
Introductory Research [Easy]
Introductory Networking [Easy]

Web Vulnerabilities:
File Upload Vulnerabilities (Pre-Release) [Easy]

Challenge Rooms

Flora Collection:
Willow [Medium]
CherryBlossom [Hard]

Conference Boxes:
Jack-of-All-Trades (Securi-Tay 2020) [Easy]

New Year:
Year of the Rabbit [Easy]
Year of the Fox [Hard]

King of the Hill Boxes

Fortune — May 2020

Presentation Slides

The Art of Insecurity: Building Vulnerable Boxes

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